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Company founded Hungary      


Buy your premium Hungary package with all the necessary items include corporation (bank account based service and tax identification number).


For the formation of the company and the account opening you must travel only for 1 day to Hungary.

In this way, the fastest way is take complete process only one day. You can launch documents in our partner office your company right after the conclusion of the corporation!


The Premium Package includes:


  • All the company legal fees, official fees and charges

  • 6 months free seat Service

  • Open an account in Sberbank Hungary

  • Binding registration at the local municipal office

  • Immediate and EU VAT number issue guarantees, not like in other EU countries


Physical office and local director is not required in Hungary!


Customers receive both paper-based and electronic countersigned founding documents attested records of legal documents during the incorporation process in our office.



About Hungary

Union member country a democratic parliamentary republic with institutionally open economy is a European since 2004. Hungary is a member of the Schengen States, which means Hungarian visa holders company can travel freely within the Schengen area.


The country is in Central Europe, offers a perfect destination for foreign investors is looking to expand their business or a stable pillar in the European Union must. As a member of the Visegrad Group, Hungary has a developed economy with easy access to all markets.


The capital is Budapest (population: 2,000,000), most flights arrive to Liszt Ferenc Airport, Europe by all major cities within easy reach. Or Vienna is only 3 hours by train from Budapest.


The Hungarian economy is mostly similar to other European countries. 66% of the PIB from the service sector comes, the industrial sector occupies 25% of the GDP. fast to increase the output of export-oriented companies very recently.


Most of the foreign investors will be attracted by the highly educated Hungarian workers in almost all areas. More than 60% of the Hungarian labor force had a secondary or a vocational education. Despite this, wages are 60% less talking than the average in the EU-27 countries and high percentage of trained workers English.


All this makes Hungary to your European business to start now an ideal environment!


The main advantages of a Hungarian company:


  1. Perfect solution in the heart of Europe with advance structure. Easy connection by train to Austria 2 hours Germany 5 hours Italy 5 hours Switzerland 7 hours.


  1. Hungary is a Schengen country with exactly the same rights as other European Union countries, living and business costs, taxes are much lower than most EU countries! This enables secure, solid framework for the business investment ventures.

  2. The rate of Hungarian corporation (CIT) is 9%. Business tax 2%


  • 0% withholding tax.

  • a 0% tax on dividends.

  • 0% tax on capital gains income.

  • Low minimum wage, inexpensive and multilingual workforce, low employer and employee contributions.

  • only 5% tax on intellectual products.

  • 50% after sales tax benefit of Hungarian registered patents, inventions and royalties.


  • Significant tax benefits for multinational companies when they move their production to Hungary.


  • Immediate EU tax identification number issue, not like in other EU countries.


  • Physical office and staff on site is not required.


The share capital of a Hungarian KFT is 3000000 HUF (about 9,400 EUR).

The share capital payment can be postponed. Customers must deposit this amount in the company's bank account on the date in the legal agreements. Later, they can use up this money for the company's costs.


EU companies with sales tax identification number. A Hungarian company can be freely traded in the EU with other companies. EORI number can be used by accountants.


In Hungary there is no any withholding tax on outgoing payments to third countries is why it. An ideal place for the formation of an agency company that collects the income of foreign customers and then forward to them.

Company foundation with legal, tax and financial experts

Other services and offers

  • Opening company bank accounts and private bank accounts

  • Establishment of an office and addresses structure

  • Mediation of licenses

  • Nominee service

  • Accounting

  • Marketing

We have already established companies (shelf companies) in stock.

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