Company Formation Canada

Company Formation Canada
Canada Ontario Limited Partnership
(Ontario LP)

  • No taxes

  • No accounting

  • No share capital

For you, we have put together on this page the essential information about the Ontario LP Canada company foundation. Learn about the specifics of starting a business in Canada and the many benefits of the Ontario LP. In addition, we are always at your disposal should you be interested in establishing an Ontario Limited Partnership in Canada.

Some peculiarities of the Canada LP in Ontario
The business location Canada has an internationally recognized reputation.
The account opening for the Canada Ontario LP is, at least outside of Canada, usually without any problems. We are always happy to advise you in this regard.
Canada is a member of the OECD and yet a small "tax haven" through the advantageous Ontario Limited Partnership.
The Ontario Limited Partnership is not subject to any accounting or tax liability in Canada, provided that the Company's sales were generated exclusively abroad.
The proper taxation of the LP profits is the responsibility of the individual partners of the company itself and takes place accordingly at the respective tax domicile.
In addition, by transferring your residence, for example to Cyprus (EU), you can reduce your personal tax burden enormously.

General information
Company Form: Limited Partnership
Application of the tax directive: no
Corporation: no
Obligation to submit annual accounts: no
Registered office / authorized agent (Reg. Agent / Reg. Office): yes, our service for you
Number of directors and shareholders: at least one natural or legal person.
Use of a trustee / trustee: permitted
Annual Meeting: not required
Place of annual meeting: worldwide

Shares and start-up capital
Share capital: not required
Minimum capital requirements: none

Accounting and Finance
Bookkeeping / accounting: no, only simple storage obligation
Submission of the annual audit: no
Place of commercial bank: arbitrary
Foreign exchange control: none

We need for the foundation of your company u.a. a copy of your passport, a letter of reference from your bank (banking service only), as well as a copy of a current consumption bill (water, electricity or landline telephone) to carry out the residence identification procedure. In addition, upon request, we will jointly prepare the required entry forms, the organizational resolutions of the general partner (s), the official name of the limited partner and the partnership agreement of the Ontario LP.

Canada Ontario LP company formation
in a full service package incl. limited partnership kit and complete documentation
We offer you the complete foundation of the Ontario Limited Partnership in a complete service package.
Free consultation before and after founding: included in the founding fees
Examination of the desired company name on the register: included in the formation fees
Payment of public fees on incorporation: included in the founding fees
Creation Form 3 establishing the Limited Partnership: included in the founding fees
Submission of applications to the competent registry: included in the formation fees
Copy / declaration of the personally liable partner: included in the formation fees
Designation / explanation of the limited partner: included in the founding fees
Execution of the partnership agreement (LP): included in the formation fees
Registration of the personal partner (s) included in the founding fees
including the 1st annual fee for the Reg. Office (12 months): included in the founding fees
including the 1st annual management fee (12 months): included in the founding fees
including documents and proof of ownership
Partnership Agreement: included in the founding fees
Certificates: included in the founding fees

Company foundation with legal, tax and financial experts

Other services and offers

  • Opening company bank accounts and private bank accounts

  • Establishment of an office and addresses structure

  • Mediation of licenses

  • Nominee service

  • Accounting

  • Marketing

We have already established companies (shelf companies) in stock.

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